Embossing Plus – About Our Company, Past to Present

Embossing Plus is a premier, full-service, print finishing company.

We’re a values driven company. Our values have driven our growth, and now our 50,000ft2 facility in Minneapolis provides the framework to provide higher quality products and even better customer experiences.

For over 30 years we’ve put customers and innovation at the center of our business model. Choosing to work with most innovative technologies and creative clients in the industry we set standards high and ensure that only the highest quality craftsmanship will ship from our facility. While we push ourselves to exceed customer expectations we hope you’ll continue to bring your creative work to us.

At Embossing Plus, we’ve got you covered.

In late 2018, we acquired AMG Laminating, a leading finishing company out of St. Paul, MN. The company, now operating under our company and physically located within our facility, continues to provide professional, high quality, detailed print finishing work. This change has allowed us to produce excellent work on a bigger scale and operate with even more capabilities!