It’s Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 22nd, marks the 50th anniversary of the first-ever Earth Day!

At Embossing Plus, we want to take this opportunity to remind you that printing can be done in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, without sacrificing quality.

The History of Earth Day

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. It came about as a result of awareness of pollution in the environment, starting with the publication of Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, and spurred on by the increased pollution from the use of leaded gasoline and a massive oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara. 

Politicians Gaylord Nelson, a Democrat from Wisconsin, and Pete McCloskey, a Republican from California, reached across the aisle to develop a plan to raise awareness about environmental issues. The idea brought together groups that had been protesting individual issues such as water or air pollution under a common banner. The culmination of this became Earth Day.


Can Printing Be Earth Friendly?

When you think of printing and the environment, you may be thinking about the use of paper and the trees needed to create that paper. And while that is part of the printing industry, here are three ways you can make your projects better for the planet.

1. Choose Your Paper Carefully

The paper you choose can be earth-friendly if it’s produced using ecologically sound foresting, if the paper processing plant is careful with their water usage and emissions or if the paper is made from recycled materials.

2. Choose Sustainable Inks and Coatings

Did you know that there are inks that are completely natural and are biodegradable? Rather than producing inks using petroleum products, these inks are made using a vegetable base, such as soy, or using water. Other inks may reduce the use of water entirely to avoid overconsumption or pollution.

And, rather than a traditional varnish, laminate or coating, choosing a UV option produces fewer pollutants. UV coatings do not produce the same pollutants of varnish or lamination because they are not made using petroleum products. UV coatings are also less flammable and require less energy to apply than traditional coatings.

3. Choose Sustainable Partners

Often, the easiest way for your business to be more environmentally friendly is to partner with other businesses that are making similar efforts. In the printing industry, choose to partner with printers that are making efforts to minimize waste, to decrease their energy consumption and that use sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

One way that you can reduce the amount of waste in a project is to request an on-screen proof, rather than having the printer send over a printed proof for each project.

At Embossing Plus, we’re investing in the latest technology, such as our JETvarnish 3D Evolution that offers an entirely digital set up and on-screen proofs to reduce waste and minimize setup time. We also offer an array of sustainable paper, ink, and UV coating options to ensure that your next project is good for your business and good for Mother Earth.


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