Steel-rule Dies

You're going to love working with us on die-cut projects. For over 30 years we've continually innovated our specialized die-cuts produce some of the cleanest edges from a variety of material weights and specifications. The team at Embossing Plus is committed to working hard to make things easy for you. We invite you to bring your idea to us and work with the team on achieving the best solution.Our specialized die-cuts are precisely cut and molded to your specifications and shape. We work with quality materials and follow through on quality assurance before moving to the press. We're very passionate about customizing dies to meet your project's needs and we're always up for the challenge. Our die products range from the simplest of office-fare to more complex pieces used in technically advanced industries that demand a more customized and detailed approach.

30+ Years of Experience

Embossing Plus has more than 30 years of experience crafting custom steel-rule dies.
We work hard to make it easy for you. This goes beyond delivering your request on time, we've continued to innovate our process utilizing dies that are accurate and affordable. Delivering your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Full Service Die-cut

Embossing Plus is proud to offer a full range of services as a premier die cutting shop. The team will meet your die cutting needs with a focus on quick turn around and over all satasfaction. If you're interested in working with our team, rest assured that we will review every request and work with you to get your job done.

The Right Solution to the Right Problem

Many of our clients enjoy our product prototype development machines and services. Work with us to test and innovate your products for the best solution. Prototypes often result in lower costs in the long term and higher satisfaction, especially when trying something new. If you need to sample a particular run or get an example in front of you before going to production, ask about prototyping your next project.


The team at Embossing Plus is committed to working hard to make it easy for you. We've selected the best equipment in the industry to deliver products faster and better than ever.

Get a quote today and turn your idea into something real.