Annual Reports that Make a Statement

Step out of the humdrum and into your imagination with print finishing details for a report that will impress.

Businesses have long used paper to communicate important information. Even as businesses are increasingly fighting for attention online, studies show that that printed material makes a lasting, favorable impression. From the heft of a bound report in a board member’s hand to the tactile pleasure of high quality paper, creating a printed quarterly or yearly report sends a message of confidence. Incorporate a creative, powerful design and you will leave a lasting impression.

Design an annual report that is visually impactful and easy to digest

Whatever you dream up, Embossing Plus offers ways to make an impact. With a variety of high quality finishing techniques at our disposal, print machines that apply foil and bright colors, you have many options to draw the reader in and bring attention to key figures or statistics. Our state of the art equipment produces embossing and die cuts that add texture and visual appeal. Our finishing options can bring even a monochrome report to the next level. We also offer folding and gluing to create custom packaging for a sophisticated touch.

Small print run? We can help keep costs down

When cost is an issue, on-demand printing and finishing has minimized the expense of small print runs. It’s now easier to produce a smaller batch of materials, making the printing process affordable businesses of all sizes and all industries. On-demand finishing at Embossing Plus also means that you no longer have to plan to print your project weeks in advance. No matter the size of your print job, we are committed to providing high-quality work with a lightning-fast turnaround.

Let us help you

We offer specialized consultation services with our industry veterans to help you create a memorable report. We can recommend finishes, embossing or our many other capabilities to enhance your materials and make your report special. We can help you produce the custom print jobs you need within days of conceptualizing your report.

If you needed it yesterday you better contact us today!

We can turn even the most complex jobs around quickly – and without all the time and expense creating dies. Let’s talk about your project!