Laminate Your Materials to Protect and Strengthen

Lamination can be used on a variety of materials to add rigidity, strength, and protection.

What Is Lamination?

Lamination is a process that encloses a printed piece in a clear plastic film. The plastic film used in lamination creates a waterproof barrier to protect the piece inside, it also adds a layer of thickness and strength to the piece, making it more rigid. Additionally, lamination can make colors appear deeper and brighter.

Benefits of Lamination

There are several benefits of lamination, making it ideal for pieces that will see wear and tear or be exposed to the elements.

  • Waterproof surface resists spills and stains.
  • Easy to clean. Smudges and fingerprints can be wiped off with a damp cloth.
  • More durable than paper, items can withstand frequent use.
  • Stronger and more rigid than paper. Difficult to bend, tear or fold.
  • The transparent coating does not cloud or obscure the printed piece.
  • Colors appear brighter and more intense than on paper.
  • Cost effective. And the increased lifespan saves money on reprinting.

Ways to Use Lamination

You have probably been in a restaurant and handled a laminated menu. But there are so many more ways to use lamination!

Lamination makes frequently handled items more durable:

  • Restaurant, bar or spa menus that may come in contact with water or risk food stains.
  • Membership cards, lamination protects your member information from wear and tear.
  • Educational materials, such as the safety information you may find on a flight.
  • Maps or directions, you can draw your route or other information with dry erase marker and wipe it clean.

Lamination adds professionalism to promotional items:

  • Counter, tradeshow and tabletop display materials are strong and vibrant.
  • Sell sheets and brochures are distinctive and provide an impression of importance.
  • Folders and booklet covers are sturdy and long lasting.

Lamination can withstand the elements:

  • Signage is waterproof and rigid.
  • Operating instructions and safety procedures are durable and stain resistant.

These are just a few ideas for using lamination for your printed pieces. Our experienced staff can help you decide if lamination is right for your project and create prototypes to make sure you’re getting the look you want.

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