Last Minute Printing with JETvarnish

The holiday season is here, and ‘tis the season to host parties and send Christmas cards.

We can help you out with the latter, free of stress or rushing! You can get fast, affordable, eye-catching printing using JETvarnish 3D.

This state-of-the-art technology provides texture to your invitations, cards, and other mailings to ensure that your cards stand out from the rest this year. Best of all, even if you’ve waited until the last minute, you can make your mailings happen as long as you’re standing by with your mailing labels when your print job comes off the printer. Here are a few ways JETvarnish can help your business this holiday season.

Rapid Turnaround Time

Time is on your side with JETvarnish’s fast turnaround. Each embossed printout can be produced in a matter of minutes, which means you can bring in an order for hundreds or even thousands of pieces and depending on the demand, have them in only a couple of days. This gives you the chance to plan last-minute get-togethers or print a Christmas card for a forgotten client long after you’ve sent the others out. Best of all, each card will look like you planned and printed it well in advance.

High-Quality Finish

Traditional embossing is a multistep process that requires drying time. With JETvarnish, printers can achieve similar results with a fraction of that effort. The end result is a beautiful, professional item that impresses everyone who sees it. Using foil or paper, you can produce raised images and lettering that take your print materials to the next level. Whether you’re sending out invitations or simply thanking your customers for another great year, JETvarnish is a great way to make a winning statement.

Affordable Quality

With traditional printing, embossing requires special touches like foils and dyes, adding to turnaround time and increasing cost. With JETvarnish, all the work is handled by the printer, which saves you time and money. JETvarnish allows you to invest in print marketing collateral without blowing your annual budget.

A Lasting Impression

During the holidays, customers have mailboxes stuffed with catalogs, postcards, and other promotional items. If you’re sending invitations, you’ll want to stand out from the many other items your customers receive each day. If you’re sending a holiday greeting card or a simple note of appreciation, yours will be one worth saving and showing off. All of this simply means that your card will wow customers, which makes it more likely to get a second look. You may even find your annual holiday party has more attendees because your invitation was so eye-catching.


Whether you’re planning ahead or you need something for later this week, JETvarnish gives you the opportunity to generate high-quality print materials that will impress your clients. That makes it far more likely they’ll remember you in the coming year when it’s time for them to choose where to spend their own dollars.

If you needed it yesterday you better contact us today!

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