Make Your Yearbook or Calendar Stand Out!

It’s common at the beginning of a new year to take out a fresh new wall calendar to decorate a room or as a motivation to stay organized.

Creating calendars is a fun way to share memories, showcase achievements or goals, or advertise your business.

Similarly, yearbooks or look books can be a beautiful way to capture memories, celebrate anniversaries, graduations or awards or to collect images of your work from the previous year into one place.

For yearbooks or calendars, print finishing embellishments can take your project to the next level.

Explosion of color

Use Color to Create an Impact

How you use color in your design can affect the user’s experience. For example, bright colors create a celebratory vibe, whereas soft, muted neutrals or pastels can impart a calming ambiance. 

If you’re creating a calendar or yearbook for a school, organization or business, using your brand or school colors shows school spirit or a sense of pride in your organization.

When deciding on your color scheme, consider who will be using the calendar or yearbook and what you want them to get out of the experience. For calendars, the page or pages for each month can be themed, such as snow in January, spring flowers in April, and falling leaves in September. In a yearbook or look book, each section can have a theme or be color-coded for easy navigation.

Use Embellishments to Up the Experience

Most people experience printed media with their eyes as well as their sense of touch. There are many ways print finishing embellishments can create a feast for the senses.

Texture – The texture of a surface can convey a message. Embellishments can add a glossy smooth finish, a soft velvety feel, or even a sandpaper-like texture. Embossing or debossing can be used to raise or imprint areas on the page, such as a name, logo or crest. Texture can be added to any design with varnishes, coatings, spot UV, and other finishes.

Paper Quality – The thickness of the page and the material of the cover can also impart meaning and durability to your calendar or yearbook. Consider the feel of a hardcover book versus a cheap paperback. Thick, high-quality paper will hold up better for wall or poster calendars or for look books that you expect to experience a lot of use. Choosing a thick cover than can be imprinted to look like leather, snakeskin or other patterns will create an impression from the first glance.

Foil – Foil has become increasingly popular in recent years, and, thanks to new technology, has also become more affordable than ever. Foil is an eye-catching addition to any design and can be used to highlight certain words, areas on a page, or to reflect light and add sparkle. It can also be used with embossing or debossing to add prestige to a logo or crest.


Think Outside the Box

For something truly original, think beyond the straight edges and square corners of most calendars or yearbooks. Die-cutting and laser cutting can carve your project into nearly any shape you want. Consider the novelty of flipping a page on a wall calendar every month to reveal a hidden area beneath or to fold out a new tab to create a stunning shape by December. 

And, while books are generally square or rectangular, you can add visual interest throughout or create easy navigation by adding custom die or laser cut tabs. You can also create windows that frame an image on the next page.

High-Quality Design That Fits Your Budget

Worried that embellishing options would break the bank? We can help. Our expert staff is here to make sure that your project meets your needs and fits your budget. With so many embellishments to choose from, we can help you select the right print finishing options to create the effect you want.

When cost is an issue, on-demand printing has minimized the expense of small print runs. On-demand printing makes the printing process affordable businesses and organizations of all sizes. 

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