Print Finishes to Make Your Holiday Cards POP!

The holiday season brings the perfect opportunity to say, thank you to the many customers who have made your business a huge success during the year.

Holiday greeting cards are an affordable, professional way to remind your client base that you’re grateful for their business. Most of your clients are likely dealing with a full mailbox every day. It’s important to find a way to stand out so you won’t be just one more card to take to the recycle bin. Here are a few ways you can use premium print finishes to wow your customers this holiday season.

Make It Shine

Most of the Christmas cards you receive every year are printed on paper. Even birthday cards are printed on plain cardstock. When a card has a glossy finish, coupled with your professional branding, it stands out from the rest. Using a high performing print finish can give your holiday cards that special touch that impresses customers. You can use Spot UV or foiling to apply a varnish or foil to select areas of the card to make your designs jump off the page.


Engage the Sense of Touch

Print materials primarily engage one of the five senses: vision. With embossing, you create a 3-D effect that pulls your design up from the page, creating a texture that incorporates another sense, touch. A stamping process is used to create this look, with part of the design brought forward while the other part remains the same or is debossed. Customers can run their hands over the card to feel your design or lettering. Use in combination with ink or foiling to create a unique and engaging Christmas card.

Shape It

Most cards are rectangular in shape. You could go square, as well, but there are still plenty of cards on the market that fit the bill in that area. This year, why not create a card that’s circular, star-shaped, or square with decorative edges? You could even create a holiday card in the shape of a Christmas cookie with a bite out of it.

While all of your competitors are sending rectangular-shaped cards with imaginative designs, you’ll stand out by making the shape of the card part of the design. Shaped cards are created using a process called die-cutting. A steel blade is formed into a specific pattern, then used to cut into the paper to achieve the desired shape. The image on the paper simply enhances the finished product.

With the latest state-of-the-art equipment, printers can now create an eye-catching design in a fraction of the time it took with traditional printing methods. This means that you can request a print job and have your cards in a matter of hours, making it easy to ensure everyone on your mailing list gets a Christmas card this holiday season.

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