Think Big with Larger than Life Embellishing

The new, innovative JETvarnish 3D Evolution finishing press can add embellishments along the entire width and length of your page, including foil and embossing.

Open your mind to print finishing as big as your imagination. Imagine creating eye catching posters or tradeshow displays with embellishments like foil, embossing, metallic varnish or spot UV. These print embellishments can now be printed edge to edge for maximum impact.

Achieve Greater Visibility with Large Format

Previously, embossing and foil stamping were limited to smaller page sizes and couldn’t be applied to the edges, limiting the embellishments to the center of a piece.

Now you can include foil, detailed Spot UV patterns, embossed textures and other embellishments that cover the entire surface of your design.

With the industry leading JETvarnish 3D Evolution press you can add edge to edge print embellishments to large format media to create posters, signage, or trade show graphics that will attract attention and draw people in.

Large Format at Lightning Speed

The JETvarnish 3D Evolution press handles a sheet size of 13” x 19” up to a 29” x 47” maximum sheet size, so it’s made to enhance your large format projects. Regardless of the size of your job, the JETvarnish 3D Evolution finishing press can do it quickly, applying multiple embellishments in a single pass. With a speed of up to 3000 ISO B2 sheets per hour, even large format jobs are done quickly and accurately.

The JETvarnish 3D Evolution uses a completely digital set up, so your idea can become a reality faster than ever before. With the on-screen preview, you’ll see exactly what you’ll get, without having to wait for a printed proof. The streamlined the process saves your business time and money.

At Embossing Plus, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality output with a quick turnaround. Our team of industry veterans are here to help navigate the available options and find the right approach. We offer a specialized consultation on each job to ensure the end product meets and exceeds expectations.

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