2019 Printing Trends

Check out the current 2019 printing trends!

Throughout the years, the printing world has gone through exponential changes. Both in trends and the technology used in printing. This year is no exception. We are officially three months into 2019 and already we are seeing trends emerge. Whether you use print for marketing, art distribution, or other purposes, it’s important to stay in the loop as differing trends and technologies increase in popularity. Below we’ve outlined some of the current printing trends of 2019.

Sustainable Printing

The environmentally-conscious or sustainability trend is gaining popularity in many industries. 2019 comes with an opportunity for consumers to gain access to the process of production among nearly every purchase they make, and the importance of sustainability in those processes is increasing. Consumers are demanding more environmentally-friendly options and big companies are vowing to provide those in their printed and packaged materials. This trend is infiltrating the printing world through offerings of printable media that is recyclable or made of recycled materials.

Digital Textile Printing

The trend of digital prints has been increasing in popularity for many years. This year the trend of digital printing is extending from textiles and garments to marketing and event materials like trade show signage and the like. The trend is particularly popular for wide-format printers. The visuals that can be accomplished with digital printing are especially impressive as the designs themselves continue to become more intricate and detailed.

Digital and Print

Combining both printed materials and digital materials is gaining traction in the marketing world. If you’ve only been dabbling in one or the other, it may be time to take the plunge. The benefits of utilizing both of these marketing components are extensive, which is why many marketing initiatives are jumping at the opportunity to combine them.

Traditional print marketing materials provide a tangible, and memorable piece of marketing for your audience. They are most effective when they include promotions or coupon codes that can then be used digitally. Print marketing supports your digital efforts and visa-versa.

Take advantage of these trends by being bold in your designs, intentional in your marketing efforts, and by utilizing the latest and greatest printing capabilities and technologies.

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