Your Direct Mail Should Land on the Counter, Not in the Trash

The best way to guarantee the success of a direct mail campaign is to differentiate your piece from the pack. Use print finishing techniques to make your mailer distinctive to catch your customer’s eye and stand out from the junk mail.

Don’t Forget the Basics

According to the USPS, the most commonly viewed (or at least scanned) direct mail format is the post card. When designing your post card consider using an unusual or large size, which can differentiate your piece from the rest of the pile.

Color is also important, Pantone executive Leatrice Eiseman says that blues and oranges in a contrasting palette are “resourceful,” gold is “sophisticated,” pink is “discrete” and subtle, and yellow is “playful.” Or, use earthy, rosy tones, for a palette that “reaches out and embraces many different cultures,” according to Eiseman. Along with color, use strong and compelling visual images to convey your brand narrative.

Once your design is settled, don’t forget the most important part of any marketing campaign, a call to action.

Especially on a post card, keeping your copy short and to the point with a design that’s simple ensures that your customer understands and remembers your message.

Personalization is Key

Gone are the days of sending out thousands of identical mailers to all your potential customers. Today, you can personalize your mailer and address it specifically to the customer you’re trying to reach. You can also include unique coupons or discount codes. By sending a personalized code or coupon that can’t be shared with other customers you not only show your customer how much you value them and their business, you can also learn more about them and their shopping habits.

Smartphones and the widespread use of technology provide an opportunity to make your direct mail piece an experience. You can use QR codes, augmented reality and inks that react to light or heat to make your direct mail campaign interactive. You can use these to give the customer access to a targeted landing pages with more information about your products or services, special discounts or a memorable, interactive experience with your brand.


Use Embellishments to Stand Out

Now let’s explore some interesting ways to get your potential customer’s attention. Print finishing offers a variety of ways to add tactile and visual texture to your design. Many of these embellishments can be combined to create an engaging piece. You could use a combination of varnishes and spot UV to create a pattern that is customized for your brand. Or use sandpaper and liquid textures to capture their attention as they’re sorting the mail.

Embossing, foil, folded pieces and custom windows are other ways to add visual interest and create an interesting and interactive experience for your customer.

There are many ways to create distinctive textures and patterns to differentiate your brand.

At Embossing Plus, our team of industry veterans are here to help you determine the right approach for your business. We’ll help you create a look and feel that is distinctive and will keep your mailer out of the trash.

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