How to Align Your Print and Digital Marketing Strategies

As the popularity of digital marketing continues to grow at impressive rates, you’d think that print marketing would be wavering.

On the contrary, just last year, a survey suggested that nearly 60% of chief marketing officers agree that print marketing is still a useful channel.

As far as consumers go, 56% perceive print marketing as the most trustworthy amongst other avenues of marketing.

These are only a couple of the many statistics that back up print marketing, even in the age of technology. In order to really see a difference in your ROI and a spike in customers, companies are combining the most effective aspects of both digital and print marketing initiatives. The first step in utilizing both marketing methods is to align the two strategies. Here are a few necessary steps to take in order to do so.


Commit to Your Brand

When creating digital content for your brand, you stay within your brand guidelines. This means adhering to certain fonts, colors, and brand voice. When implementing a print strategy to go along with your digital content, use those same guidelines. Whether you’re creating business cards, mailers, or other print marketing materials, make sure that they are consistent with the brand guidelines you’ve laid out for your digital strategy. Otherwise, your efforts will look inconsistent and unprofessional. Assume those that are seeing your brand through print are also seeing your brand digitally.

Align Your Goals

What are the goals you have outlined in your digital strategy? Awareness, consideration, conversion? Whatever your goals are for your digital strategy, you should adhere to the same or corresponding goals for your print strategy.

If your goal is to increase awareness of your brand, approach your print strategy with that same goal in mind. That should drive all of the print materials you create. By aligning your goals, you are giving your printed content a clear purpose.

Don’t Settle for SubPar Printing

Now that you’ve taken the time to outline your goals and branding, it’s time to get down to the physical printed materials you’ll distribute to your potential customers. Think about the fact that, unlike digital, these pieces of marketing will be tangible. The audience you distribute to will have something physical they can hold in their hands that will represent your brand. The last thing you want to do is skimp on quality. Don’t let the creative process end at design. Utilize different textures, print finishes, and materials to really engage your audience.

Use Print to Drive Digital Traffic

One great way to engage an audience is to offer them something. Going back to that goal of awareness, if you want to grow your leads or your audience in general, offer them something in return for liking your company page or subscribing to your newsletter.

Use a printed mailer or flyer to drive people to your website in order to be entered for a free gift card or discounted services. By combining the two initiatives, you’re basically merging two strategies into one effective, connected strategy.

We hope you can use these tips to really drive home your marketing efforts. For ideas on different ways to take full advantage of printed marketing materials, contact us!

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