How to Create Memorable Graduation Announcements

Graduation season is here. And you want the announcement and invitation to be memorable and unique.

Whether it’s for your high school grad party or to celebrate graduation from college, the announcement should reflect the personality of the student or school they attended. Or, for graduation party invitations, reveal the theme of the party.

Designing a Stand Out Graduation Announcement

A graduation announcement is something that not just celebrates an accomplishment, it also contains detailed information, including the student’s name, degree, school, graduation date and ceremony time.

If you plan to use the announcements as invitations, include information for the party as well, such as the location, time and an address where cards or gifts can be sent for those who can’t attend.

Popular designs for graduation announcements include:

Photo Cards – Take advantage of those senior photos to create a photo card announcement or invitation. You can put the graduate’s name and school information on the front and include any ceremony or party information on the back.

Typography Forward – Sometimes it’s best just to spell it out. You can use fun fonts and combinations of font sizes to create an attractive typographical design.

Graphical or Illustrated – For the artsier grad, use an illustration or graphic image to share the news. Graphics can be used to create patterns, illustrations can reflect the major or degree of the graduate, or you can even incorporate the student’s own artwork into the design.

No matter what your announcement design, print finishing embellishments such as embossing, foil printing, or laser cutting can take it to the next level.

Ordering Graduation Announcements

When ordering graduation announcements, it’s best to know how many you need and when you will need to send them.

When determining how many announcements or invitations you need, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Family and Friends – Aside from weddings, graduations and graduation parties are some of the biggest events in a young person’s life. This means that good news should be shared far and wide! Order enough invitations for extended family, friends of the family and friends and classmates of the graduate.

Mementos – You’ll want to have a few extra graduation announcements to hold onto for memories of the event.

Round-Up – When coming up with the number of cards to order, round up to give yourself some wiggle room in case you forget a great aunt or your graduate wants to invite the whole softball team at the last minute. Having a few extras on hand announcements on hand will save you the stress and costs of a small, last-minute reprint order.

Because this can be a busy time of year, it’s best to order your cards a few weeks in advance. This will give you plenty of time to stamp and address them and for your guests to RSVP.


Don’t Forget Thank You Notes!

When ordering your announcements or graduation party invitations, don’t forget the many thank you notes that will be written after the event. Having thank you notes that match the invitation or the theme of the party is a thoughtful touch.

Graduation is a momentous event. Celebrate in style with personalized graduation announcements, party invites and thank you cards. Embossing Plus can also help you create a festive party with customized party favors or decorations.

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