How to Make Your Graphic Design Print Portfolio Stand Out

In order to land that dream design position, you’re going to need a unique, eye-catching portfolio.

Many designers are now relying on a digital portfolio to showcase their work, but there is an obvious upper hand in presenting a print portfolio to potential clients or employers.

If you’re a designer looking for ways to stand out in the saturated design world, we’ve got some tips for you. A printed portfolio is an incredible way make yourself stand out and land that job you’ve been dreaming of. Here are a few ways to make your print portfolio stand out.

Create a Brand

The very first thing you should consider as a designer is your brand. This will be all-encompassing of every single piece of work you create. This is you!

Who do you want to present yourself as and how do you want to be remembered? A key piece to this puzzle is your logo. Take your time in designing and determining what your logo will be, because it should be displayed on all of your work and business cards.

After determining an effective logo that really represents you and your work, think about what kind of design you want to take on. If it’s infographic creation and product design, include examples of both in your portfolio. Your brand includes the kind of work you’re an expert in and the work you love to do.

Showcase the projects that allowed you to utilize the design skills you want to continue to nurture. Needless to say, every one of these projects should, of course, be branded with your legendary logo.

Get Creative

This one should come naturally, you’re a designer! Your creative juices are already flowing, so why not direct your creativity at showcasing your work? Incorporate different textiles, materials, and print textures to really make your portfolio pop.

Present your best and most unique projects that are relevant to the job they’re hiring for. Some effective examples of creative portfolios are those that incorporate varying design techniques and unusual elements.

Utilize Impressive Print Finishing

Giving prospects something they can touch, feel, and interact with will automatically set you apart from your competition who rely solely on digital portfolios. Utilize different textures to give them a sensory experience when viewing your portfolio. Experiment with thicker paper and embossed logos on your business cards, so you’re leaving behind something unique.

A really impressive way to make your portfolio stand out is to use foiling throughout, it creates a polished, professional, and really beautiful final product that is sure to dazzle your audience.


Tell Your Story

One element to include in your portfolio is a process book. This is essential to your portfolio because it demonstrates your creative process and will give your prospective clients an understanding of how you get to the final product.

Your process book should include things like how you determined your color scheme, the steps you took to reach the final design, timeline, and sketches. To go above and beyond, include a digital representation of the project that corresponds with your process book.

Mix Digital and Print

There are obvious benefits to having a digital portfolio, it’s easily updatable, it’s accessible and doesn’t require any heavy lifting. However, without an impressive print portfolio to accompany your digital portfolio, you’re missing out on enhancing your brand and showing how committed to your work you are.

By presenting a print portfolio, supported by a digital portfolio, you’re giving your prospects a unique experience that they’re not likely to soon forget.

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