The Rise of On-Demand Printing

Business moves fast these days. Customers expect better quality work faster. The rise in on demand digital printing is an excellent indicator of these trends. Now print finishing is catching up with these new requirements. Keep reading to learn how the latest print finishing methods are cutting turn times down.

Technology has always pushed major changes in the printing industry. In recent decades, those changes have been dramatic, as innovations have shifted expectations. Instead of creating blueprints and mockups, customers can now take control of their print materials, with a great deal of work being done on the front end to ensure the final product is exactly what they want.

One of the biggest impacts on print is the rise of on-demand printing, which has changed customer expectations for their print collateral. Instead of turning over their work to a team who then promises to create something great, consumers can now work alongside designers and printers each step of the way. Here are some ways on-demand printing has changed the industry.

Fast Turnaround Is Essential

Patience was a necessary virtue in earlier days of printing. A client might order a print job and wait days or weeks to receive a proof, if a prototype was available at all. On-demand printing means customers no longer have to plan weeks in advance for their print jobs. Embossing Plus meets this demand by investing in the latest technology, including our new JetVarnish 3D Evolution, which can output up to 3,000 ISO B2-size sheets per hour.

Approval Before Finalization

Earlier print processes had customers investing thousands of dollars in a print run before they saw a finished product. With Embossing Plus’s technology, clients can see how a project will look before a print run has begun, saving money and time for everyone. Instead of waiting days for a die to be cut, Embossing Plus can pull up the file on the screen and get a preview of how the embossed area will look. This allows a customer to make changes on press, rather than waiting for a proof.

Fewer Mistakes

Since items are now previewed before printing begins, Embossing Plus can now catch errors before a file is sent to press. This reduces costly mistakes, saving customers both time and money. Instead of printing thousands of copies that must be discarded, we can now ensure that a job is exactly what a customer needs. Often we find that customers find things they want to change even after they were initially sure what they wanted.

Low-Quantity Runs Are Possible

Prior to on-demand printing, small print runs were cost prohibitive, making it difficult for small businesses to produce direct mail items and other materials. Even large corporations sometimes have a need to produce a smaller batch, and thanks to on-demand printing, that is easier than ever. This opens up possibilities for creating items simply to thank customers or let them know about an upcoming sale, rather than saving high-quality print jobs for select situations.

On-demand printing has made the entire printing process easier for businesses of all sizes, across all industries. At the same time, though, it has made customer service more complicated for printers, who must scale to meet the demand for lightning-fast turnaround, top-quality output, and low prices. Embossing Plus has the equipment and expertise available to handle industry changes with ease.

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