Personalization Has Created a Renaissance for Printed Wedding Invitations

Personalization has become increasingly popular, and couples want to create something that’s unique to them. This can be achieved by incorporating interesting shapes, laser cut patterns, hand lettering and use of color.

Every couple is unique, and they bring their personality to their wedding, which starts with their invitations. We’re seeing a resurgence in personalized, printed wedding invitations. There are more possibilities than ever to create an invitation that reflects the style and personality of the happy couple. Invitations now use interesting materials, print finishing embellishments, hand lettering and calligraphy to highlight the style of the bride and groom and provide a sneak peek to upcoming nuptials.


Popular Trends

Foil – Using foil for wedding invitations is a perennial trend and one that’s been popular for the past couple of years. Designers are finding unique ways to use foil thanks to technology that has made it easier to work with and more affordable.

Embossing and Letterpress Style – Use of embossing and letterpress to create texture and raised or impressed text has also been popular for the last couple of years. More recently blind letterpress, or letterpress without ink that creates an impression in a pattern or design, has been used. It can create subtle patterns or design elements.

Unique Materials – While thick, rich paper will always be in style, we’re beginning to see more varied and interesting materials used. Sheer papers or acrylic are used either alone or on a richly colored paper background. A translucent or transparent substrate can also be used for a three-dimensional effect.

Distinctive Shapes – Designers are looking beyond the traditional square and rectangle cards. Both invitations and the inserts can be made into nearly any shape imaginable. And, laser cutting has made it possible to create intricate patterns and shapes such as lace or cityscapes.

Hand Lettering and Calligraphy – The use of hand lettering and calligraphy for wedding invitations isn’t new, but it’s become more accessible and affordable thanks to technology. Custom lettering can be created by hand and digitized or sent to a letterpress for printing. Hand lettering guarantees that an invitation is unlike any other.

Artistic Touches – There are really no limitations when designing a wedding invitation today. Most striking is the use of dark, rich colors in invitations and envelopes, a world away from the basic beige of a decade ago. Light colored text or foil on a dark background creates a dramatic and elegant effect. Watercolors are being used to create delicate florals or ombre designs. Monograms and crests that reflect the initials of the couple create a classic look. Wreaths are being used as design elements for a charmingly vintage look.

Ribbons and Added Embellishments – Using a ribbon or fabric band to wrap or tie an invitation together adds a romantic twist to an invitation. It can also hint at the color scheme for the wedding, matching the ties of the groomsmen or the bouquets of the bridesmaids.

Combining Elements for a Truly Unique Design

Any of these trends can create a personalized invitation that reflects the personality and style of the happy couple. Embossing Plus is proud to be home to the top-of-the-line equipment that can make your design a reality. We’re also home to some of the latest technology in print finishing, so we can help you stay in budget.

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