Proof that Print Marketing is Still Relevant

Print media brings marketing benefits digital never can. Learn more now!

As businesses sit down to plan their marketing campaigns each year, digital is a huge part of things. In fact, many businesses are going exclusively to online marketing, splitting their efforts between social media, email, and their company blog. But in skipping print media, they miss an important opportunity. Print media brings marketing benefits digital never can.

If you’re one of the businesses considering where to spend your marketing dollars, it’s important to pay attention to the power of paper. Studies have shown that print materials forge more of an emotional connection than digital ads. That means if you want to make a lasting impact, print should be part of your campaigns. Here are a few of the best investments for your marketing budget.

Business Cards


If you do nothing else, business cards should be included in your budget. Have one for each person on your staff and make sure they stand out. Pay close attention to expert tips such as keeping things simple and using embossing to make your logo pop. Your business card can make a great first impression on the people you meet throughout the course of doing business, especially if you regularly attend networking events and conferences.

Product Packaging


Businesses that sell products can’t get away from packaging for those products, even if it’s something as simple as a cardboard box. Making the additional investment in branding and graphics for your product packaging can pay off in the long run. Even if you ship items you sell online, branding your mailers or internal tissue paper can be a great way to keep your product on the minds of the people who buy from you. Use color and special print materials like foil to ensure your packaging gets attention.

Mailers and Handouts


At one time, consumers dealt with stuffed mailboxes, but much of that marketing material has moved to their inboxes. This provides you the perfect opportunity to stand out in an underserved market. Invest in high-quality print materials that you can either ship to potential customers at a low rate or hand out at in-person events. As with your other print collateral, though, make sure you put the extra effort into choosing a design that stands out.

Letterhead and Cards


Although it may be rarer than a few decades ago, you’ll still occasionally need to send a paper-based letter or card to someone. Expertly-printed letterhead and cards will ensure you have something on hand for when that occasion arises. If you ever have an event that merits invitations, you should also consider investing in a top-notch design that will show your professionalism and attention to detail. Make sure each of these designs includes consistent branding to help cement your message in the minds of your target audience.

Whatever your business’s marketing plans for the coming year, it’s important to consider the many ways print materials can boost your efforts. You can include print marketing as a complement to your online efforts, but it’s important to make sure your materials stand out. This is especially true of business cards and handouts, which will often join a stack of other materials vying for attention.

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