Direct Mail Keeps You Connected with Your Customers

These are trying times for many businesses. A well-executed direct mail campaign can really set your business apart.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in some way or another, whether that’s school cancellations, work from home policies or businesses closing their doors until it’s safe again.

While it may seem logical to shift your attention to your website, social media promotion and other digital communications, this will be a particularly crowded area now. If every business starts bombarding customers with emails, ads, and social media promotions, they are going to tune out.

If you want to form a strong bond with your customers, and earn new ones, keep things in the physical realm with a direct mail campaign.

Why Direct Mail?

Marketing material has largely shifted from the mailbox to the inbox. This provides you the perfect opportunity to stand out by sending your target audience something unique.

Let Them Know You’re Still Here

With many businesses closed, your customers may not know that you are still open and there to serve them. Even if your doors are closed, let them know how you can help them, where to find your products online and about any special services you’re offering. If your business isn’t open, let your customers know they can buy gift cards for future services by phone or online. This is a perfect time to highlight your business’s delivery, takeout or drive-up services. Knowing you’re there to help people get what they need during COVID-19 could win you customers for life. 

Send Thank You Notes

As businesses are closing their brick and mortar stores, this is a wonderful time to let your customers know how much you appreciate them. You could send them a thank you note, or a card telling them that you miss them. As people are feeling disconnected, creating that bond increases feelings of community as well as customer loyalty. Print finishing embellishments, such as interesting textures and foil lettering, can create a direct mail piece that feels special.

thank you

Keep It Interesting

Invest in high-quality print materials and designs that catch the recipient’s attention. Consider creating an interactive experience, such as a flyer that can be folded into a paper model of your store or logo. Incorporate the digital realm with a QR code that sends customers to a special landing page offering a customer appreciation discount. Or, since everyone is stuck at home, send them something entertaining that they can put on the fridge or their kids can play with.

Add a Personal Touch

Today, with Variable Data Printing, you can personalize your mailer and send a unique message to the customer you’re trying to reach. You can also include unique coupons or discount codes. By sending a personalized code or coupon that can’t be shared with other customers you not only show your customer how much you value them and their business, you can also learn more about them and their shopping habits.

Target Millennials 

Millennials, or people born between 1981 and 1996, now wield massive purchasing power. And, because they came of age with the internet, they are more challenging to advertise to. However, they love getting mail! According to research done by the USPS in 2019, 88 percent of millennials take time to look at their mail. And 59 percent of them feel that information that is mailed to them is more useful than in emails. This is a lucrative target market that’s just waiting to hear from you.

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