The Capabilities of Variable Data Printing

The solution is within reach!

Rather than producing 10,000 identical copies of a single document that delivers the same message to 10,000 unique customers, consider how much more effective your marketing could be if you could customize each piece for each person.

The solution is within reach. Variable data printing allows you to print 10,000 unique documents with customized messages for each customer!

What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable data printing (VDP) is a flexible design option that allows text and graphics of a design to be interchangeable. The interchangeable elements make the design customizable to specific customers or categories of customers.

This is made possible because of digital printing, which doesn’t require the printing plates used by traditional printing methods. Since VDP uses digital printing, it’s an affordable option and has a fast turn-around time.

When is it Useful?

VDP is a valuable tool for any business that could benefit from targeting customers through individually tailored direct mail or other printed marketing materials.

Customers today are bombarded with advertising seeking their attention — from mail, email, radio, television, print media, and the internet. Personalized messaging and targeted marketing cut through the noise.


Targeted marketing has been shown time and time again to be more effective than blanket marketing campaigns. Marketers collecting more data points about their customers, which, combined with a targeted mailing list, makes personalized marketing possible and make your marketing dollars go further.

Consider sending out personalized cards for a customer’s birthday or a membership anniversary. You can include a coupon or discount code that will encourage repeat business and bolster their loyalty. Using a unique barcode, QR code or discount code, you can track the effectiveness of the campaign, helping create successful marketing strategies in the future.

VDP can also be used by businesses looking to print business cards for all of their employees, for printing personalized invitations, or any other application where personalization is beneficial.

And think beyond ink — VDP can also be done in foil.

How does it work?

VDP uses highly-specialized software to create print files with interchangeable text and images that can be combined with a mailing list to input specific information for each customer. The software can swap out images and text without any need to slow down or stop the printing process.

Because VDP is a digital printing process, it doesn’t require the time-consuming set up of traditional offset printing, and still produces high-quality, full color printed materials.

If this sounds like the right solution for your next direct mail campaign, or if you want to learn more about its many applications, contact us to learn more about Variable Data Printing.

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