It’s Football Season! Promoting Your Business at Sporting Events

The leaves are changing and the air is crisp.

People across the country are ready to welcome fall because it brings with it something they love. But we’re not talking about pumpkin spice lattes.  We’re talking about football. That all-American, loved-by-all sport that comes around every fall season. 

No matter who you’re rooting for, as a business, sporting events and stadiums provide ample opportunities to promote your services or products. From large arenas that host nationally broadcasted games to the local high school’s football field, there are many ways to get your name out there.

Most sporting event promotion falls into one of three categories; sponsorship, advertising, and experiential and social promotion.


 Sponsorship is probably one of the most common ways to promote your business at a sporting event. Nearly everything at a game can be sponsored. You can sponsor:

  • The team
  • The scoreboard
  • The halftime show or other entertainment
  • The stadium or field
  • The television or radio broadcast
  • VIP Areas

Think of the average Sunday Night Football broadcast. The stadium hosting the game is sponsored. The halftime coverage is sponsored. The post-game coverage is sponsored. The award for the most valuable player of the game is sponsored. If you’re paying attention, it seems like every other word out of the announcer’s mouth is “sponsored by.”

These opportunities for sponsorship are available at your local high school, college, or even community field. And remember to think beyond football — baseball dugouts, basketball scoreboards, soccer uniforms, even the track — nearly every sporting event can be sponsored in some way.


As with sponsorship, advertising is available all over the sports field, stadium or arena. From printing your name on the napkins at the concession stand to putting your logo in the center of the field, sporting events are ripe with opportunity.

Some of the most common large-format sports advertising consists of signage, such as:

  • Scoreboard Signage
  • Perimeter Boards
  • Canopies
  • Flags
  • Media Backdrops

Large-format advertising can be printed on foam core board, vinyl banners, nylon fabric or other materials.

Smaller advertising opportunities include posters, wall clings, restroom ads, cups, and napkins. You can also hand out lanyards, can koozies, foam fingers and other promotional materials that fans can use at the game.

Media advertising is also an option if the game is broadcast on television or the radio. Buying advertising time during a sporting event guarantees a captive audience. Digital signage has also become common as sporting events. Digital ads can be played on the scoreboard, perimeter boards, or on televisions in the arena, making these a worthwhile (though more expensive) investment as well. 

Experiential and Social Promotion


Adding an experiential element can increase the impact and reach of your advertising campaign or sponsorship. Using social media to promote the sporting event or team shows an investment in your community and team spirit. It is also likely to be seen and shared by people who follow the team or who are attending the game, extending the reach.

Experiential content that gets people involved can also increase exposure to your brand. Consider a contest or giveaway that uses social media to promote your sponsorship or ad campaign at the game, such as:

  •  Ask fans to share a photo of themselves in front of a poster or signage promoting your business with a campaign hashtag to win team merchandise.
  • Create a scavenger hunt based on clues in your posters or signage that fans can participate in at the game and reward winners with access to a sponsored VIP area.
  • Reward influencers or brand ambassadors with tickets to a sporting event you sponsor in exchange for social media posts promoting the team and your business.

The fans attending a sporting event are a captive audience. Engaging them with your brand or business while at the game can make them more likely to think of you after the game is over. 

Support Your Team and Win Customers

Showing support for a local team shows support for your community. With many opportunities for sponsorship, advertising, and social media, sporting events are a great way to share your business with a large crowd. To get some great ideas for print advertising, contact us today!  


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