Best Practices for Promotional Printing

Take your promotional print materials to the next level.

Even before a business opens its doors, certain marketing materials need to be in place. Sure, you can have a great website and an engaging social media presence, but what happens when you make an important business connection while you’re on an airplane or standing in line at the coffee shop?

That’s where promotional printing comes into play. It’s important to not only have these items on hand but to create promotional collateral that makes you stand out from competitors. With a few basic items, you’ll be prepared to make a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

Small Business Versus Large Business Promotion

All businesses need promotional items, from the largest multinational corporation to a small startup being built out of its founder’s home. For a big corporation, though, consistency often becomes key. If you’re printing materials for locations across the globe, you’ll need to make sure that everyone has the latest copy of your brochure. You’ll also face challenges when it comes to ensuring you have enough items available for those big upcoming conferences.

Smaller businesses can’t afford to skimp, though. You may be able to operate with a smaller print run each time, but you’ll also need to be ready to come up with thousands of copies at once if you’re suddenly invited to a trade show. You may get a last-minute request to provide items for a local nonprofit, for instance, and if you can’t get those printed quickly, you’ll miss the opportunity.

Print Materials to Include

Every business needs at least a few basic types of print materials to get started. Here are some of the most important:

  • A custom logo that can be used across all of your print and digital properties
  • Business cards for each team member
  • Stationery, including envelopes, letterhead, and branded mailing labels
  • A brochure that details your business’s offerings
  • A company summary for interested clients or potential investors
  • Leave-behinds like stickers, T-shirts, and posters
  • Items for giveaways


Getting Started

Usually, the first step in creating print materials for a business is to have a professional logo designed. Once that’s in place, you can use it to generate all of the other print materials you’ll need. For items like brochures, you’ll need a designer to put the layout in place but once you have all of your basic print materials, you should be able to regularly order print jobs with only occasional updates.

In addition to consistency, you should also make sure your promotional materials stand out from all the others. If you’re printing leave-behinds for conferences, for instance, consider how everyone else’s leave-behinds will look. Even something as simple as printing in color or embossing your logo could mean the difference between going home with attendees or ending up in hotel room wastebaskets.

The faster you get started creating a collection of promotional print items, the quicker you can begin getting information about your business in the hands of potential customers. Make sure you choose a printer who can do a last-minute print run in the future in case you have an unexpected opportunity and you’ll be prepared for anything.

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