Making Your Company’s Print Media Memorable

Where do you attract your customers? What kind of marketing are you focused on right now?

If you’re thinking to yourself, well digital marketing of course! What else is there in this world saturated with technology!

You’re not necessarily wrong, but you’re missing something.

In a world of digital, there is still a space for tradition. There are still consumers that crave those tangible, traditional materials in writing. The reason is because it harbors trust between an organization and a consumer. When you give your audience something they can touch, engage with, and relate to, you’re putting yourself at the forefront of their mind. And as such, you’ll be thought of when it comes to making a purchasing decision. Now that we’ve convinced you, let’s focus on getting your print materials to stand out. Here are a few ways to do just that.


It’s not just enough to start churning out printed advertisements or marketing collateral. You have to have a strategy in place first. One of the most important pieces of your print strategy is where the placement of your printed materials. Will they be delivered straight to mailboxes? Will you produce a brochure to distribute to local coffee shops?

When thinking about placement, put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Who are they and what are their motivations? Are they likely to walk into the local coffee shop and pick up a brochure? Or are they more likely to use a printed promotion that conveniently shows up in their mailbox?

Everyone has different motivating factors when it comes to making buying decisions. Take the time to learn the motivations and habits of your audience to better produce marketing materials that they will engage with.

Texture and Print Design

Here is the really fun part. Something that often gets overlooked when it comes to print, is how creative you can get with your materials. Don’t skimp out on textures, finishes, and folds when creating your printed marketing media. The art of foil designs is not lost on this generation. When you give your audience something that looks unlike the other print marketing they see, they’ll remember you. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re searching for a printing company that can provide you with unmatched print options, look no further.

Promotions and Timing

Timing is valuable, and what has even more value, is a good deal. If you’re offering your audience discounts and promotions, they’re likely to be interested. The key here is to combine great offers with even better timing. Be genuine in your offers and think about when your audience is in most need of your product. You should always be thinking about solving your audience’s most pressing problems. What can you do to make their lives easier?

If you’re selling snowboots with extra traction, send your promotions mid-February to early-March when the snow storms are brewing.

There is something to be said of print marketing, it’s not yet a lost art and those that aren’t taking advantage of it are missing out!

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