Print Finishing for Your Business Cards

You may take them for granted, but business cards are actually your most powerful marketing tool.

They are often shared at networking events or trade shows and are often the first impression your business makes with a potential new customer.

While they should be designed to clearly display your business, name and contact information, they should also make a visual impact.

That’s where print finishing comes in. Here are a few ways print finishing can take your business cards to the next level:


Don’t Forget the Basics

While it’s easy to get lost in a world of design and print finishing embellishments, your business card serves an important function. It gives people the information they need to contact you or your business. 

At a minimum, a business card should include:

  • Your Name
  • Job Title
  • Business Name
  • Contact Information (such as phone number, email, website, or social media handle)


Additional information that may be added:

  • Company Logo
  • Company Motto
  • Your Photo
  • Call to Action (such as a new customer discount, newsletter sign up, or a coupon for new social media followers)

Create a Lasting First Impression

Your business card is often the first contact a person will have with your business and brand. Consider how you can use print finishing to create an impression that will be memorable. Think about how to incorporate different textures, patterns, colors or shapes into your business card.


Showcase Your Brand

The small format of a business card may not leave room for brand messaging or your company mission statement, but it can still express your brand. Your logo, font, colors or even textures can say a lot about your business and your brand. Try to express the personality of your brand through the design. Whether it’s through abstracting the elements of your logo or by taking a more classic approach. Laser cutting or spot varnish can be used to create intricate patterns. Foil stamping can be used for a classic, elegant effect or to create a modern, mirror surface on your business card.


Let Your Imagination Run Wild

The embellishments you can add to your business card through print finishing are countless. You can create everything from unique shapes and textures to patterns and folded cards to high gloss and metallic elements. Or even incorporate all of them!


Here’s a look at how print finishing embellishments can be used to create a memorable business card:

Embossing or debossing – Creates a three-dimensional element in a classic letterpress effect. Embossing raises areas, whereas debossing creates a depressed area. This is a great print finishing embellishment to add on logos or other images on a business card for a sculptural effect.

Varnishes, Spot UV and other Coatings – Varnishes and other coatings can be applied on the entire business card or just on certain areas; this is knowns as spot UV. Coatings come in a variety of textures, from high gloss to a velvety matte. In addition to their visual and tactile impact, they can also have a protective effect to keep your business card looking like new.

 Foil stamping or blocking – Reflective metallic foil can be added to business cards for text, patterns or other design elements. Variable foil printing is an affordable option to create personalized business cards for everyone in the company.

Texture and Pattern – Varnishes, spot UV and foil can be used to create a pattern or texture on your business card. Texture creates a memorable, tactile experience for anyone that receives your business card.

Die Cutting or Laser Cutting – Die or laser cutting can be used to create negative space in your business card or to create a unique shape for the card itself. Laser cutting or etching can create intricate patterns. Die-cutting can be used to reveal a contrasting layer to add sculptural depth or an unexpected pop of color.


In addition to the many embellishments, there are to choose from, consider using unique materials such as wood, leather, cloth or acrylic to create your business cards.

Your business card is an extension of yourself an often the first impression you get to make for your business. Don’t take the opportunity to create something memorable for granted.

If you’re interested in learning how print finishing embellishments can make your business card stand out, contact us or request a free sample book.


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