Start Planning Your Holiday Cards

Snow in July? Not quite! But it’s never too early to start planning your holiday cards.

While our thermometers are showing the opposite of wintry weather, it may seem strange to plan for the holidays. But if you plan to send cards that stand out, now is the time to start thinking about them.


Why Order Holiday Cards Now?

By thinking about your holiday cards in the summer, you’re avoiding the stress and rush that the holidays bring. Planning ahead gives you plenty of time to think of a fun idea, phrase or well wish and design a unique card that stands out on the mantel.


Planning Ahead Saves Money

Rather than putting through a large print run at the last minute (along with everyone else!), talk to your print finishing vendor about printing your holiday cards early. Odds are, they’ll be happy to fit your job in during the slow season. And, planning ahead costs less than last-minute rush jobs.


Take Your Time to Design Something Unique

When you’re sending holiday cards to your customers or business contacts, the card is playing double duty. It’s letting you know you appreciate them, but it’s also marketing for your business. By taking the time to design something special, your card is more likely to stand out among the many others they receive. It’s something they’ll notice, and hopefully, their holiday guests will as well.


Consider ways you can incorporate your brand into the holiday theme. Whether it’s a tree decorated in your brand colors, a wreath featuring your logo, or a photo of your employees in holiday sweaters, make your holiday card unique to your business.


Add Customization and Other Embellishments

When you have time to spare, it’s easier to add print finishing embellishments, such as glitter coating, foil stamping and customization. The sparkle of glittering snow or foiled lettering can add impact and three-dimensionality to your design. Including a personalized greeting or message shows your appreciation and is a friendly reminder of the spirit of the season.


See It Before You Send It

Another benefit of designing and printing your holiday cards in advance is an opportunity to work closely with your print finishing partner. Taking some extra time, you can make sure they are exactly what you want. You can experiment with prototypes, different paper stocks and embellishment options, and fine-tune the design before you need to send the cards out. Getting a chance to see the cards before they are sent will give you some peace of mind and save some stress this holiday season.


Plan Ahead and Prevent A Stressful December

It might be difficult to conjure the feeling of a cozy winter evening when you’re grilling hot dogs in the backyard. However, planning ahead can make sure you get to enjoy those snowy nights by the fire, rather than stress over getting your holiday cards in the mail. 



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