Why Use the Embossing Technique for Your Printed Materials?

Here's why!

The embossing technique has been used to add polish and professionalism to printed works for centuries. But, despite its long use, there are still ways to use it that look fresh and modern.


What is Embossing?

Embossing is a print finishing process that uses pressure to form the paper or other substrate into a raised three-dimensional image. It can also be used in reverse, to create a recessed image, known as debossing.


Is Embossing Expensive?

While traditional embossing techniques require custom dies that can take time and be expensive to create. New technology, like our cutting-edge JETvarnish 3D Evolution (EVO) press can apply embossing, coatings and other print finishing embellishments quickly in a completely digital process.

Because it doesn’t require the time-consuming custom dies to be created and the set up on a traditional press, embossing on the EVO can be affordable and comes with a fast turnaround.


Creative Ways to Use Embossing

Depending on your design and the type of impression you want to make, there are many ways you can use the embossing technique to add visual interest to your materials.


Letterhead and Stationery

One of the more traditional ways to use embossing is to apply it to stationery or letterhead. Impressing your logo onto stationery creates a professional appearance and presents an air of competence and experience.


embossing-techniqueFolders and Portfolios

As with other stationery, embossing on folders and other presentation materials looks polished and put together. Because of the thicker material used in most folders, you can create more sculptural embossing or debossing.


Business Cards

It may seem an extravagance to add a print finishing embellishment to such a small piece of paper. However, since your business card is the most shared piece of material you have to represent yourself and your company, it’s the perfect place to add a little extra detail!


Invitations and Cards

When creating invitations and cards to celebrate important events, such as weddings or graduations, the embossing technique can be used to create initials, crests, wreathes and other shapes in three dimensions.


Direct Mail

When designing your next direct mail campaign, consider how adding dimension to your piece can make it stand out from the competition in the mailbox.


Consider the Embossing Technique for Your Next Project

Embossing makes an impression. Consider using the embossing technique the next time you’re designing your stationery, business cards or invitations.

Since Embossing Plus is the first finishing service provider in the nation to own a JETvarnish 3D Evolution, we can offer high quality finishing on demand with a lightning-fast turnaround. Contact us to learn more about how to use the JETvarnish 3D Evolution on your next process.

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