The Basics of Folding and Gluing

What you need to know!

Folding and gluing can be used to transform any flat printed material into envelopes, boxes, folders, packaging or other promotional materials.

To get you started on the best ways to design and create materials for folding and gluing, we’ve put together a quick guide. Hopefully, this guide will be a good starting point to get you started on brainstorming and designing materials for your business.

Design Accurately

Before you start creating materials for folding and gluing, it’s crucial to understand the importance of accurate design. In order for your project to fold together as expected, it’s essential that every dimension has been measured using an accurate ruler.

A calibrated steel rule and traditional die cut or laser cutting will be used to create the perfect shape to fold and glue into your desired piece.

Another part of the design process is setting score lines. A score is put on the material in a specific place to ensure a straight fold and to avoid cracking the material. Score lines are put in the initial design and are created during the print finishing process.


Choose Your Materials

While you may think of paper as the material used to create envelopes and folders, you actually have many more options. Folding and gluing machines are capable of working with a variety of materials, such as cardboard, card stock, paper, plastic, and others.


We’re happy to work with you to find the right material for your project and your desired end result.


Combine with Other Processes

Folding and gluing can be combined with many other print finishing processes and embellishments, such as embossing, foil, coating, and die-cutting.       

One common addition to folded and glued materials is inserting, otherwise known as “tipping, which is the gluing of items onto promotional materials. These items may be product samples, gift cards, or other additions.


Plan Ahead

The most important part of starting any project is remembering to plan ahead. Contacting your print finishing provider ahead of designing your project can help you (and them) plan for the timely completion of your materials.

While we pride ourselves on offering lightning-fast turnaround times, no two projects are the same and several things can impact the timeline. Working with us from the start of the project will let us provide an accurate estimate and help avoid issues that can cause delays. 

If you have questions about folding and gluing or are ready to get started, contact us to learn more about what we can do to ensure the success of your next print finishing project. 




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