The Do’s and Don’ts of Designing for Print

Here are a few things to consider when designing for print.

Any design project is often created on a digital platform. This process has become Increasingly popular as have designs that remain digital. Most designers have their go-to process when designing for digital, but what changes need to be made when designing for print? Although many of the necessary steps are similar, there are a few do’s and don’ts to consider when designing for print. We’ve outlined a few below:


Pay Particular Attention to Detail

When designing for print there is little room for error because once printed, it is a considerable expense and time waste to go back and tweak your design.

Of course, you will always pay attention to the details you put into your designs, but with digital it’s fairly easy to make changes. Give your clients what you consider to be the final product before printing so that any changes that need to be made can be done pre-print.

Use Print Textures

Utilizing impressive print finishing like embossing, foiling, or folding creates a print design complete with a tangible experience. With a digital design, you can use visuals and be interactive within your design. By playing around with textures for your print design, you create that same kind of sensation, only your clients get to actually hold the design in their hands.

Be Illustrative and Creative

There is a surprising amount of room for creativity in print design. Be sure to really let brand shine and let your creative juices flow. Use differing fonts and visuals to make your print design stand out. Remember that unlike digital, this design will be held in the hands of prospects, so you have one chance to wow them!


Only Create One Draft

Give your clients or customer a few options for final design. Oftentimes when only one draft is created, a client could settle for something they later want to be changed. Stay on brand but always give your clients options so that when it comes to printing the design, it’s exactly what they want.

Forget About Font

Just as you would with digital design, pay attention to brand fonts and readability. But further than that, keep in mind that depending on the finish you select, the font could read differently or get lost when it’s printed. Font size and selection is just as important as selecting relevant visuals.

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