5 Tips to Increase Direct Mail Success

While there is no denying that we live in a digital world, few marketing efforts reach potential customers the way a direct mail campaign can.

Direct mail reaches an audience in the physical world, through their mailbox. And, when executed well, it can rise above the junk mail more effectively than an email campaign. After all, your audience will be holding your marketing in their hand, not just quickly cleaning up their crowded inbox.

According to the U.S. Postal Service, direct mail is also a very effective way to capture the millennial customer. Their data shows that 88% of millennials take the time to look through their mail for interesting information. 

If that’s not enough to convince you, 65% of millennials pay attention to direct mail marketing. That means that a direct mail campaign can help you reach this growing purchasing power.

So, how do you increase your rates of success with a direct mail campaign? Here are our top tips to get the most out of your marketing.

1. Know Your Audience

The first and most important rule for any effective marketing campaign is to know your audience. If you don’t already, get to know the audience you are targeting with your direct mail. Where do they live? What are their hobbies? What are their spending habits? What kind of format are they most likely to respond to? 

If you have the time and budget, it can be helpful to test the market to see what is working and what isn’t. By testing your direct mail campaign on a smaller segment of your target audience, you can determine whether one format performed better than another or whether they are responding to your messaging. On-demand printing makes it more affordable than ever to print small quantities that you can use to test performance.

2. Tailor Your Message

Once you have taken the time to learn about your target audience, tailor your message to them. This can mean fine-tuning your marketing messaging, your images and design or choosing between a postcard or a brochure.

With the help of technology, it’s also possible to personalize your direct mail marketing, from sub-categories of potential customers down to a specific individual. With our JETvarnish 3D Evolution machine, you can use variable data printing (VDP) to create 1000 unique pieces, as opposed to identical ones. With VDP the text and graphics of a design are interchangeable, so you can create different combinations to appeal to different audiences.

VDP allows you to address your customers directly and include pictures in your design that will appeal to their demographic. You can also use marketing copy that speaks to their relationship to your brand, whether you are welcoming a new customer or providing a discount to someone who hasn’t made a recent purchase. 

JET Varnish

3. Stand Out

In order to capture the attention of the recipient, your direct mail needs to stand out from the rest. Luckily, print finishing offers many ways to create distinctive textures and patterns to differentiate your brand. And embellishments can be combined to create a piece that is completely unique.

To capture their attention as they’re sorting the mail, you can rely on visual elements as well as feel. Coatings and varnishes can create a variety of textures, from liquid to wood grain to sandpaper. Folded brochures and custom shapes are other ways to add visual interest and create an interesting and interactive experience for your customers.

4. Keep It Simple

Another way to catch the eye and make your direct mail campaign memorable is to keep the message and content simple. Rather than bombarding your audience with several messages and benefits of your product, focus on one or two that will resonate with them. Keep your marketing copy easy to read and avoid using large blocks of text. Use bullet points to draw attention to key benefits or messages.

Keep your design clean and avoid using too many colors or images. It can be tempting to want to leverage every square inch of space, but crowded designs can be visually overwhelming and unappealing.

5. Add Value

Finally, while marketing generally requires action on the part of the customer, think of ways you can add value to them instead. Rather than a call to action to visit your store or website, give them something that benefits them in some way.

Innovative ways to provide value include features that encourage interaction. This could be as simple as including a QR code that goes to a landing page for the campaign rather than asking your customer to type in your URL. Or, you could create a virtual reality experience using their mobile phones. 

Tried and true methods for providing value give your customer something more concrete. Try gluing a product sample to your direct mail piece so potential customers can try your product risk-free. Including a refrigerator magnet with the name of your company on it is both useful and provides a constant reminder of your brand. Attaching limited-time coupons or discount codes can also create a sense of urgency and help you realize your return on investment more quickly.

Our team of industry veterans is here to help determine the right direct mail approach for your business and your budget. We can help you create a look and feel that is distinctive and provides value to your customers, so it won’t be lost in the shuffle. Contact us to learn what Embossing Plus can do for you.


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