Printing for the Fair

Fair season is upon us!

Whether it’s the state fair or a local county fair, it’s a celebration of your community and the bounty of the season. As people start to look forward to their favorite fair food and farm animals, it’s time to start planning how you’ll promote your business at the fair. 

Having a booth can be a great way to promote your business and engage potential new customers. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your fair booth: 

  1.     Build an Eye-Catching Booth

One of the most important parts to getting the attention of passersby at the fair is to create a booth that attracts attention. Bright colors, an exciting design, and an easy to read banner or sign to advertise who you are from a distance will make it easy for your fans to find you. Traditional decorations, such as bunting, balloons, gingham, burlap, and straw or hay bales might seem cliché, but at the fair, they’ll be festive and fun!

  1.     Make it Fun

People at the fair are looking to be entertained, and one way you can draw them in and get them engaged at your booth is to make it fun for them. Make up a game for guests to play, let them spin a prize wheel, answer trivia related to your industry, host drawings or raffles throughout the day or another activity that will get people interested in visiting your booth and maybe staying a while. Finding a way to capture their contact information can also aid your post-fair marketing efforts.

  1.     Give Something Away

People love free stuff! Giving away branded promotional items will help get your name out there and keep it in the minds of the people that visited your booth. Rather than the same old trade show swag, like coffee cups and lanyards, think of festive, fair-themed things that people might use throughout their visit. A hat, visor or pair of sunglasses to keep the sun out of their eyes, a stress ball shaped like a farm animal, a reusable water bottle so they can stay hydrated, a drawstring backpack to help them carry all their stuff, or even a large reusable shopping bag — the larger the bag, the more likely that all their other swag will go in it! state-fair

  1.     Connect With Customers

The reason you’re at the fair is to connect with existing customers and to create new ones. In order to reach as many people as possible, consider a direct mail campaign in the leadup to the fair that lets them know where to find you and provide a straightforward call to action. You can offer discounts or coupons to anyone that signs up for your mailing list or create a drawing for people who use your promotional hashtag on social media. Find ways to connect with customers you can continue keeping in touch long after the fair has closed.

  1.     Don’t Forget Business Cards

Don’t let all the fun and games allow you to forget that you’re at the fair to promote your business and create leads. Make sure that all of the staff working the booth has plenty of business cards on hand to give out to potential customers. Printing a stack of brochures or other handouts can also provide people with details about your business that they otherwise can’t easily access at the fair — after all, no one is on their laptop at the midway! 

After the Fair

The fair is only in town for a few days a year, so consider how to capitalize on the visibility created by your booth. Hopefully, you have collected contact information from leads or potential customers. Send them a thank you message, a coupon in the mail or something else to show your appreciation. After all, fairs are all about celebrating your local community.

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