Make Some Noise for Your Next Grand Opening Event

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You’ve been working on your new business for months, planning and organizing and now you’re ready to show it to the world. One way to present your new business is to host a grand opening celebration.

Grand opening events can help your fledgling business gain awareness with potential customers and get people in the door. One way to make sure your grand opening is a success is to promote your brand through a variety of print materials and a coordinated digital marketing campaign. And, after your grand opening, you can continue to build on the brand recognition you’ve gained.


Planning for Your Grand Opening Event

As you prepare for your event, think of ways you can advertise to your desired customer base. You should promote your event on multiple platforms, including print media, radio, social media, as well as direct mail. Brand consistency is key across all your messaging, graphics, advertising, and promotional materials.

A direct mail campaign can include printed postcards, fliers or event invitations. When creating your printed marketing materials, keep in mind that your logo should be prominent and that people should be able to find your location and event information easily. Post event fliers in public places where they’ll be noticed and create print advertising for local newspapers and magazines. You can reach out to local businesses to see if they’ll help you advertise by letting you post fliers or table tents in their establishments. 

Social media can also be leveraged to create a buzz for your grand opening. Sending out teaser posts as well as announcing the event can help to gain interest. Consider having a dedicated event landing page on your website where guests can register for the event, this will help you gather customer information you can use for email marketing campaigns in the future.


The Big Event

Once you’ve laid the groundwork and have invited the public, it’s time to open your doors! On the day of your grand opening, keep the marketing momentum you’ve developed by promoting your brand within the event.

Consider printed signs or flags to hang outside your business to notify passersby of the event and draw them in. This will also help people looking for your event to find your business. 

Consider brand consistency throughout your business on things like:

  • Signage
  • Eye-catching Displays
  • Labels and Price Tags
  • Product packaging
  • Pens
  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Employee Name Tags
  • Reusable Shopping Bags



To make the event exciting and to encourage attendance (as well as gather valuable customer contact information) you can hold giveaways and drawings throughout the day. People love free samples and coupons or discounts, so consider putting together “swag bags” for attendees. Giving away branded promotional materials, such as drinking glasses, pens, stress balls or other small tokens, will keep your brand in your customer’s minds long after your grand opening event.

Depending on your business, you may want to partner with a local restaurant to provide catering for your guests. You can also seek out entertainment options such as a live band or DJ to provide music and create a festive atmosphere.


After the Event

After your grand opening, it may be easy to fall into a business-as-usual mentality, but don’t forget to capitalize on the brand recognition and customer relationships you’ve developed. Sending printed thank you cards, coupons or other direct mail advertising to your customer base will make them feel appreciated. A coordinated email and social media campaign with photos of the grand opening and a message of thanks can reinforce that feeling of appreciation.

Hopefully, after your business has launched, your hard work and effort will continue to pay off. To retain customers, as well as attract new ones, printed promotional materials are always a worthwhile investment in your business. 


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