Wedding Print Trends for 2020

Wedding season is almost upon us! We’re proud to offer the latest print finishing technology in-house so we can help you create your dream wedding while helping you stay in budget. 

Our experienced staff can explain how to best create any of the trends below. And, we’ll provide you samples, so you know what you’re getting before it’s time to send out the invites.

Here are a few of the trends we’re seeing for wedding invitations this year.

Deep Romantic Colors  

Deep, rich hues are not just for fall weddings anymore. Fall deep into the romance of rich burgundy, violet, emerald or velvety blue shades. These deep shades also work well with pastels, so you can have the best of both worlds. A rich burgundy can set off a soft pink and a deep midnight blue pairs well with a dreamier pale shade. On the contrasting side, a glamorous emerald green can work well with soft hues, such as ivory, pink or lilac.

Laser-Cut Patterns

Laser cutting is more adaptable than traditional die-cutting and can create intricate patterns and shapes. It can be used in wedding invitations to create delicate lace, gentle botanicals or abstract patterns. Laser-cut designs can be used as an overlay, as a band to keep the invitation materials together or in other ways.

Glitter and Metallics

Metallic foil lettering has been a trend in wedding invitations for the past few years, but with the addition of glitter, foil stamping, and other coatings, you can up the sparkle! Compared with foil lettering, foil stamping covers large amounts of the surface, so you can add more shine without busting your budget. Glitter coatings can be used on the insides of envelopes for a surprise upon opening, on bands that hold the invitation together or in countless other ways.


Acrylic and Other Novel Materials

To make wedding invitations that stand out, go beyond cardstock to consider a novel material. Use clear acrylic, sheer or frosted plastics or even leather or wood to make something your guests have never seen before. You can print text and other designs on acrylic and other plastic materials or use lasers to etch or cut them into unique shapes. Wood and leather can be branded with text and even calligraphy using lasers. You can incorporate materials that tie-in to the theme of the wedding to give your guests a sneak peek into your big day.

Watercolor or Vintage Botanical Illustrations

Florals and other botanical themes never go out of style for weddings, but finding different ways to illustrate them can make them feel fresh again. Watercolors have been popular lately, for their dreamy abstract quality that can be used to make delicate floral elements. Also, for those who appreciate fine illustration, vintage botanicals provide an elegant, timeless feel, whether floral or simple greenery.

Minimalist Designs

After several years of looping calligraphy and other maximalist wedding designs, a rise in minimalism is a predictable response. Using sparse, delicate design elements and clear, sans-serif fonts, minimalist wedding invitations provide a welcome breath of fresh air. If your vibe is more curated shelves than gallery walls and eclectic boho style, a minimalist design might be for you.



One way we can make your wedding easier is by creating personalized invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards and envelopes. With Variable Data Printing, you can create your design, import your guest list and let us do the rest. You can have your return address printed on the RSVP card to save your guests time or print your guests’ names and addresses on the thank you card envelopes.

We’re Here For All Your Wedding Needs

As you’re considering the design for your wedding invitations, remember that you’ll also need to create beautiful place cards, programs, signs or centerpiece decorations for the big day. 

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